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Chakra Worry Stones HC271

100% Natural crystals and stones

$ 2.68 - $ 13.58



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  • NATURAL CRYSTAL: The chakra stones are composed of 7 kinds color of crystals. These crystals come from beautiful nature. Each crystal is strictly selected. The crystals are very strong and will not be easily damaged.
  • BALANCED TOUCH: Uniquely designed thumb balance stones, these natural crystals are polished to offer a smooth touch, each touch like a soothing caress, releasing stress.
  • CHAKRA HEALING: 7 chakra crystals are great for energy balancing, meditation, crystal therapy, reiki healing, crystal grid, and witchcraft kit. Connecting with the chakra to raise vibration and emit positive energy, makes a good impact on physical and mental.
Model No



Ellipse Thumb Worry Stone: 45*35*8mm,18g/ Heart Thumb Worry Stone: 40*38*8mm, 21g/ Water Drop Thumb Worry Stone: 45*35*8mm,15g/ Angel Figurines Ornament: 42*33*15mm, 26g/ Egg Palm Worry Stones: 47*35mm, 80g/ Heart Palm Worry Stones: 30*30*14mm, 20g/ Moon ornament: 30*26*8mm,10g/ Star ornament: 30*30*8mm, 9g


Natural crystals


Angel Figurines Ornament, Egg Palm Worry Stones, Ellipse Thumb Worry Stone, Heart Palm Worry Stones, Heart Thumb Worry Stone, Mixed style, Moon ornament, Star ornament, Water Drop Thumb Worry Stone

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