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Healing crystal colors and meaning part 2

Table of Contents

In Part 1, we introduced the red, orange, yellow, green, blue, cyan, and purple healing stones and their healing properties, you can read from here. Then we will continue introducing other colors.


Representative stone: Moonstone, white crystal

Keywords: Purification, sublimation, oneness consciousness, integration

Applicable condition:

Purify negative energy

Transform low tide

Elevate the spiritual level

Keeps people awake and highly intelligent

Brings frequencies that are beneficial to the energy of humanity

Relieve nightmares

Energy quality: White light is the phenomenon after all colored light is reflected. When the angle of refraction is correct, white light can scatter seven other light colors, so many color healing experts believe that white light is the mother of all colored light, which can convert various energies into one.

White is also considered the representative color of the gods, symbolizing purity and light, and represents the purest spiritual energy in various religious cultures. Therefore, the white healing stone is also considered to have the power of the gods, which can bring about the effect of purification and cleansing so that all negative energy can be transformed into positive energy.

Ancient European shamans would place white healing stones on the sick to seek blessings from the gods. White Healing Stones can also assist us in integrating our consciousness, allowing us to let go of our attachments, listen to the voices of others, and become compassionate people.


Representative stone: Black agate, black obsidian

Keywords: Clearing blocked energy, changing inertia, driving away evil

Applicable condition:

Block negative energy

Provides deep peace and deep relaxation

Lead people back to the embrace of the earth

Helping people face the dark side and the unknown

Gives people the power to change their problems and inertia

Energy quality: The absorption of all color light causes black, and no color can be refracted, so black is considered a color of silence. Many people think that black is an evil or negative color. However, in ancient Europe, black was considered a protective color, which can isolate people from various energies, so black cloaks and crosses are believed to drive away evil. , which also applies to the Black Healing Stone. In the American continent, black symbolizes fertile land and infinite possibilities, so black healing stones are also considered minerals with earth energy.

Black Healing Stones have infinite possibilities, and they can deeply clear the blocked energy, make one feel back in the earth’s embrace, and be born again. When we use the Black Healing Stone, we confront the dark side within us, which is not evil, but the unknown, and are unwilling to face what we do not yet understand. Black Healing Stones can help us integrate these dark sides and become fertile ground for our hearts.


Representative stone: Gold, titanium crystal

Keywords: Soul Power, Higher Spirituality, Ascension, Sun

Applicable condition:

When energy needs to be boosted quickly

Requires a higher level of conscious energy

Improves the overall energy of the body and mind

Energy quality: The golden light is believed to be connected to the sun, like the golden light that cannot be seen when the sun is high in the sky. Golden light is considered to be the light of the sun in human history, and the underground gold mines are the manifestation of sunlight entering the stratum, so humans regard gold as the gift of the god of the sun, and are also used in a large number of religious masters of ceremonies.

Golden healing stones are scarce, and almost all ancient civilizations worldwide believe wearing gold is to be with the sun’s power. Gold can also make people gain high social and noble status, so golden healing stones can elevate human consciousness or generality.



Representative stone: Silver mine, silver obsidian

Keywords: Gentle, nourishing, guiding the mind, moon

Applicable condition:

Alleviate disturbed feelings in the mind or soul

Help get out of the slump

Boost spiritual energy and compassion

Soften personal biases and stubbornness

Energy quality: The silver light is considered connected to the moon as if the moon shone upon the silent earth with a maternal radiance. The silver light was used very early in human history. After gold, humans also discovered silver mines, which are also highly malleable.

The color of silver is reminiscent of the radiance of the cold moon, symbolizing the feminine energy in the world (as opposed to the masculine energy represented by gold). The ancient Greeks dedicated silver mines or silver healing stones to the moon god, praying for smooth fertility or a good harvest in hunting. At the same time, color healers believed that silver could nourish the human soul, just like the moonlight shines at night, helping us get out of the Dark valley.

silver bracelet


Representative stone: Turquoise, amazonite

Keywords: Growth, luck, individualization, journey

Applicable condition:

Help people on their journey

Those who are about to go on a long trip or study trip

When you need the courage to express yourself

When you need to be free from the influence of others

When you need to face your most authentic self

Energy quality: Blue-green is a particular color that combines green and blue. It is not common even in nature and is considered an exceptional color in healing stones. In color therapy, it is believed that blue-green light can help a person grow and go through various life stages, and it is called a free and individual color.

The term individuation comes from the Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung, who believes that individuation is a process in which a person goes through various stages in life, develops in different ways and then integrates into a complete individual, becoming the self and transcending the self. Ingeniously, blue-green healing stones were also believed to assist people in their journeys in ancient times. For example, Tibetans will give a turquoise amulet to a family member who is about to travel or become a monk as a talisman, hoping that he will successfully embark on the path of personal growth.


Representative stone: Rose quartz, rhodochrosite

Keywords: Self-love, nourishment, dreams, happiness

Applicable condition:

The process of learning self-love

Get back your value

Looking for a dream

Discover your potential

Relieve tension at all levels

Energy quality: Visually, pink is so striking that it is impossible to ignore it. Therefore, color therapy experts believe that pink symbolizes the need to be noticed and represents the soft and defenseless realm within us. Because of this, pink is also seen as a color associated with dreams.

Pink healing stones were regarded as the incarnation of love in ancient times. For example, in South America, pink rhodochrosite was given as a gift of love, while in Europe, rose quartz was compared to the pink on women’s cheeks after they were nourished by love. When a person can love himself and move forward in his dreams, he can naturally embark on the journey of self-growth, so pink healing stones are often used together with blue-green healing stones, becoming the most popular healing combination.


Representative stone: Smoky quartz

Keywords: Implementation, stability, practicality, support

Applicable condition:

Support through all weakness or pain

Reconnect people with the earth and enhance the sense of solidity

Help people realize their ideals without procrastinating

Brings stability and calm energy

Assists in the rebuilding of body cells

Energy quality:

Brown is considered the fundamental color of the earth and, like green, symbolizes the power of nature, while brown symbolizes the soil, which can protect and support other living things. Brown is also a light not found in the spectrum but can be captured by human vision. Color therapy experts believe this color is associated with the silent earth, which can make people feel at ease and protect their energy from damage.

Compared with black, which symbolizes complete silence and isolates all the possibility of being hurt, the protection of brown has a supportive power, just like encouraging the heart, making people worry-free and fearless. Brown healing stones are usually inconspicuous and difficult to notice, but they can make people live at ease, reconnect people to the land, and gain the earth’s support.

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