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Healing crystal colors and meaning part 1

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In Part 2, we introduced the white, black, gold, silver, blue-green, pink, and brown healing stones and their healing properties. You can read from here.

Let’s introduce the common colors of healing stones and the healing qualities of different colors. If you are not sure about the crystal structure of a healing stone, you can also choose a healing stone for yourself by color classification. In addition to the seven colors that can match the human body’s chakra theory, the other colors of healing stones also have special healing energy. You can roughly understand the healing power of different healing stones after combining the energy form of the crystal structure, which can be used as a reference for selection.


Corresponding chakra: The root chakra, representing vitality and animal instincts

Representative stone: Red jasper, Ruby

Keywords: Vitality, enthusiasm, health, strength

Applicable situation:

People who need to enhance their vitality and find their enthusiasm for life

People who want to rebuild their self-confidence

Relieve the condition of weak Qi and blood or weakness of lower limbs

Bring energy that benefits the blood and heart

People who are chronically overactive or extremely inactive

Energy quality:

Among the seven colors of light, red light has the longest wavelength, so the angle of refraction in the air is the smallest, and the image position on the retina is the deepest, so red will make people feel a strong sense of expansion and approximation, and many animals can also Red reacts.

Red energy can cause excitement and positive reactions, and red-based healing stones will also bring people such frequencies, making low-frequency energy active again. In ancient times, people believed that the red healing stones represented the blood in the earth, so they were used to restore the body’s qi and blood energy and to heal the heart and reproductive problems. In ancient Europe, women would prepare red healing stones (such as bloodstones or red garnets) for their husbands or sons who were going on an expedition, believing that this would prevent bloodshed and injury on the battlefield.


Corresponding chakra: Sacral chakra, representing self-worth and emotional energy

Representative stone: Red aventurine, orange moonstone

Keywords: Emotional energy, bravery, self-affirmation, sexual energy, family karma

Applicable situation:

Release accumulated emotional stress

Improve intimacy and harmony

Develop the courage to face challenging problems

Help the body live in harmony

Bring energy that benefits the kidneys and urinary system

Relieve stress from family

Energy quality:

The wavelength of orange light is slightly shorter than red light, and it is also an expansion type of energy. Red and orange are warm colors, which can give people a feeling of warmth and vitality, but orange is much milder.

Orange is considered to be connected to the sacral chakra, which represents the gonadal energy in the body and is considered to be the location for intimacy, and the sacral chakra also corresponds to the adrenal glands, which hold strong human emotions, so orange healing stones help intimacy As well as the development of courage, and allowing emotional energy to flow smoothly without hiding one’s condition.

In some religions, orange symbolizes the harmony of the whole body. It can transcend personal values, so using orange healing stones will help the development of personal values or balance in family life, bringing courageous energy.


Corresponding Chakra: Solar plexus chakra, representing self-confidence and talent

Representative stone: Tiger eye stone, citrine

Keywords: Courage, confidence, social norms, rationality, wealth

Applicable situation:

Enhance self-confidence

Enhance rational thinking ability

Bring wealth and energy

Strengthen the ability to adapt to social norms

Courage to bring fearless challenges

Bring energy beneficial to the liver, gallbladder, spleen, and stomach

Improve personal social status and leadership skills

Energy quality:

Yellow light has been considered to represent the sun since ancient times, as the sun is usually white or yellow at dawn or noon. Yellow, a warm color, can also bring people a sense of expansion and positivity, but it can make people feel alert or pay attention and become a warning color.

Yellow is believed to be connected with the solar plexus chakra. This chakra connects the most internal organs in the body, so it determines the quality of our life. A healthy solar plexus can also bring a healthy body. On the spiritual level, this chakra represents self-confidence and rationality, allowing us to use courage and rational thinking to survive in society smoothly.

In ancient times, yellow also symbolized gold and royalty. It was a noble and sacred color. Therefore, ancients would use yellow healing stones to enhance their fortune or sense of success. To this day, the yellow healing stone is still associated with gold wealth and can improve an individual’s social status.


Corresponding Chakra: Heart Chakra, which represents love and harmony

Representative stone: Green aventurine, malachite

Keywords: Transforming grief, love, spiritual strength, peace

Applicable condition:

Bringing the energy of love

Improve interpersonal alienation caused by the blocked heart chakra

Build healthy relationships

Develop the ability to love yourself and others

Show compassion and empathy

Transform negative energy, such as sadness

Energy quality:

Greenlight is one of the most common colors on land, and many plants and forests cover the earth, forming the lungs of the planet and the home of living things. When we see green, we also think of the land and plants, which is why green is associated with the energy of protection and the power of the heart chakra in the body’s ribcage.

The heart chakra is an energy center located in the chest cavity, connecting the heart, lungs, and lymph glands, and is a significant energy relay station. Yogis see this as a center that connects spiritual and material energies. The heart chakra is also considered to be the chakra associated with love, and people with a healthy heart chakra can love and be loved without hindrance and vice versa. Therefore, green stone also plays a critical role in energy healing, which can bring the energy of love and harmony and connect the different chakras so that the power can return to a stable state.

Whether green aventurine or malachite, the green mineral seems inherently capable of healing, opening one’s mind and returning to balance. In ancient Europe, green symbolized forests and doctors, which could be used to heal diseases, so green healing stones were also considered doctors of the earth.


Corresponding chakra: Throat chakra, representing communication and knowledge

Representative stones: Aquamarine, lapis lazuli

Keywords: Calm, rational, protection, communication, wisdom

Applicable situation:

Enhance thinking and communication skills

Restores sound damage from overuse

Restoring reason and calm

Protect people from negative energy attacks

Positive thinking

Bring energy to benefit the throat and thyroid

Energy quality:

Blue light has a shorter wavelength, so when sunlight hits the earth, after being scattered by the atmosphere, purple and blue light have the shortest wavelength and the strongest scattering and fills the atmosphere. Hence, the sky appears blue, sometimes with a bit of purple.

Blue is believed to be associated with the throat chakra, which also symbolizes the human ability to think and communicate, enabling people to express themselves and listen to others, and is located in the middle of the throat. Just like the sky wraps the earth, blue energy is also considered to have the power to protect and block evil. Ancient Europe believed that blue could defend the chastity of women, so many Virgin Mary statues are dressed in blue clothes.

Blue healing stones have been rare and precious since ancient times. In ancient America and Eurasia, there was a tradition of using turquoise as a holy stone. Usually, only religious or elders in the tribe are qualified to own them, and these people are just right Is the voice of the tribe. Because of this, it is not common. The blue healing stone is also considered a gift from the stone god. It has the ability to seek good luck and avoid evil, can make people calm, and have good language communication skills, suitable for everyone.


Corresponding chakra: The third eye chakra, representing awareness and introspection

Representative stone: Lapis lazuli

Keywords: Focus, thoroughness, keenness, awareness, sublimation

Applicable situation:

When deep meditation is required

Make people focus

Develops deep awareness

See through the lies and get the truth

Bring wisdom and calmness

Make people jump from the state of consciousness of the material world to the spiritual world

Energy quality:

Cyan light is the darkest color in the seven colors in the classification of colors, which is between blue and purple and is generally called blue-violet. Such colors themselves have many mysteries and are historically considered to be associated with high society or religious people, representing graceful and calm qualities, as well as calming the viewer.

Cyan is often associated with the brow chakra (the third eye). The ancients believed that when the brow chakra is opened, one can see the mysteries of the whole world and understand all the unknowns. The energy of the brow chakra represents transcendence, entering a state of reflective awareness, and is also related to the cerebellum, pineal gland, and pituitary gland.

The cyan healing stone is believed to have the ability to open the energy of the brow chakra, enabling people to enter the frequency of calm, realize their problems, and gradually become enlightened. In ancient Egypt, cyan lapis lazuli was highly valued. Gain more profound wisdom and allow priests to focus more. The unique healing energy and the scarcity of production make them still popular today.


Corresponding Chakra: Crown Chakra, representing detachment and compassion

Representative stone: Amethyst

Keywords: Enlightenment, Ascension, Spirituality, Connecting to High-Frequency Energy

Applicable situation:

Strengthen personal spiritual strength

Integrate emotional and rational energy

Relieve brain and neck tension

Raise the level of personal awareness

Develop compassion and a high level of empathy

Keep clear

Bring energy that benefits the brain

Energy quality:

Among the color light, the frequency of purple is the highest, and the energy is also the highest. In traditional culture, purple is almost the representative color of gods. Ancient China and America believed that when such a color appeared in the sky, it symbolized the imminent arrival of gods.

Purple is believed to be associated with the energy of the crown chakra, located at the head’s highest apex, symbolizing the highest level of human consciousness, and is connected to the brain and nerve center. When the crown chakra is in a healthy balance, one’s energies will also enter into a state of integration and harmony and can enter a higher level of consciousness, just like the sages of ancient and modern times.

Purple has also been considered a sacred color, in addition to incorporating the rationality of blue and the vitality of red, bringing higher levels of energy. For example, in ancient Greece, amethyst was considered a gift from the god of wine. The violent god of wine poured wine into the crystal to make it purple, reminding himself not to get drunk again, and the purple healing stone that transcended sensibility and reason was born.

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