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Why use crystals for healing?

Because of the structure of crystals, they can absorb, focus and transmit subtle electromagnetic energy, which is the energy used for crystal healing.

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What’s crystal?

Crystals are a kind of gems. They are formed deep in the earth’s crust and are made by the solidification of rocks, water and gas. This solidification occurs at extremely high temperatures. The higher the temperature, the harder the crystal formation. For example, diamond (very hard) is formed at extremely high temperatures, while calcite (very soft) is formed at lower temperatures.

What’s the origin?

The culture of crystal physiotherapy has a long history, which can be traced back to ancient civilization. Throughout the ages, many people have claimed that they were the first to discover the mystery of crystal healing, and they have used them in similar ways. The ancient Egyptians wore crystals on their bodies to bring good luck and increase their influence. The Romans wore crystals as amulets during wars to boost morale and ensure safety. At the same time, the Indians believed that crystals contained mysterious energy and could Maintain the balance of body energy.

Does it work?

Scientists have discovered that if the crystal is placed in an energy field, it can absorb that energy. In this process, some crystals can even change and transfer energy. Quartz can usually amplify energy and radiate it out. Excluded from this principle is the black crystal, which only absorbs energy but does not release it.

In practical terms, crystals can accumulate piezoelectricity. This is the process by which matter generates electric potential. Quartz can easily amplify, convert, store, focus and transfer energy. When quartz is squeezed, it generates electricity. If AC current passes through the quartz, it will shrink and expand, and if DC current passes through, it will expand.

This contact converts electricity into waves, which can be broadcast via radio and television signals. It is also used in watches and to transmit information in computers. Quartz can also focus energy and be used in lasers, can be used in eye surgery and burn through steel.

As an energy generator and accumulator, crystal is a good energy therapy tool, which can be used in parts of the body that need to release negative energy and inject positive energy.

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