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The healing property of Tiger Eye

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Tiger’s eye is a very common and inexpensive gemstone that is considered to have samurai qualities and enhance courage in China and Japan. There are also blue and red tiger eye stones, which are very popular.

Basic Information

Color: Yellow, brown, blue, red

Hardness: 7

Main producing areas: South Africa, Australia, Brazil, India, Myanmar, Namibia

Appearance Features

The tiger’s eye’s formation is due to crocidolite’s infiltration into quartz, and crocidolite is a change form of blue amphibole. When crocidolite interacts with iron elements, it will form a yellow luster, which becomes the tiger’s eye stone we usually see. However, there are also mutated blue tiger eye stones called Hawk’s eye. If it contains a lot of iron oxide, it will form a red color, called red tiger’s eye, which many gemstone collectors love.

Due to the infiltration of crocidolite, the tiger’s eye will form brown and black stripes, emitting light similar to a cat’s eyes. However, it is still quite different from genuine chrysoberyl opal. In India, the tiger’s eye stone is like the power left by the great god, which can ward off evil spirits and attract happiness. In China, the tiger eye stone is also considered a gem of tiger fur. If worn, it can protect children’s health and safety and also represents power and wealth. In Japan, it is often made into a jade shape, which has the magical power of destroying demons and exorcising evil spirits and is very popular among the public.

Healing Property

Tiger eye stone is the sum of trigonal crystal and monoclinic crystal system minerals. It is a trigonal crystal system to concentrate and cleans up negative energy. It also has the quality of a monoclinic crystal system to replenish energy and bring gentle healing quickly. It is very suitable for feeling People with low self-confidence or impaired self-esteem. Tiger eye stones can bring self-confidence, find the core of one’s life, and heal those traumas that have been forgotten but continue to affect oneself. For people who can’t work hard or want to escape life’s problems, the tiger eye stone can clear blocked negative energy and assist chakra energy reconstruction, replenishing all lacking power.

Tiger’s eye contains sodium and iron elements, which can strengthen the body’s energy, improve work efficiency or athletic ability, and protect the stability of the energy field. Sodium activates the power, bringing balance and harmony to body and mind. The iron element can get a solid magnetic energy field, so that evil forces and negative influences will not come close.

Chakra Information

Tiger eye stones can directly clear negative energy and replenish positive energy, usually corresponding to the solar plexus chakra, but different colors have different corresponding powers.

Yellow Tiger’s Eye: Corresponding to the solar plexus chakra, it can bring powerful positive frequencies, clean up the negative energy and trauma on the chakra, rebuild the chakra energy, and create a lively and healthy energy field.

Blue Tiger’s Eye: Corresponding to the brow chakra, it can stimulate the energy activation of the brow chakra, helping people see the truth of things and understand their inner thoughts.

Red Tiger’s Eye: Corresponding to the bottom chakra, assisting the stable implementation of the bottom chakra energy and quickly completing the goal can also enhance practical ability.

How to Use

Usually, people use yellow tiger eye stones to heal the solar plexus chakra so that people who are tired of life and work can regain their spirits, and the difficulties and dissatisfaction in the face of life can gradually disappear.

In the energy healing process, tiger eye stone can be placed in the place of severe energy blockage because it can have an excellent effect of clearing and replenishing energy.

Tiger Eye Stone can also make the client feel safe, willing to confide his true thoughts, and bring the courage to know himself and tell the truth.

When to Use

When courage and support are needed

When starting a new business

When dealing with negative relationships

Need to increase self-confidence and courage

Gain the strength to face the complex environment of society

Purification Method

All purification methods can be performed.

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