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The healing property of Rose Quartz

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Rose Quartz is already an irresistible beautiful healing stone for women worldwide. It is highly praised, especially the transparent Ice Rose Quartz and Starlight Rose Quartz. This beautiful ore is considered the incarnation of the rose spirit blessed by the goddess of love, also called the true love stone or love crystal.

Basic Information

Color: Pink

Hardness: 7

Main production areas: Brazil, Madagascar, the United States, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy

Appearance Features

Rose Quartz comes from rose, also called rose crystal or hibiscus crystal. It is pink in color and has a translucent and moist texture. The Romans believed that the rose was the sacred flower of Venus, the goddess of love, symbolizing love and beauty, which also established the impression of Rose Quartz as the messenger of love in people’s minds. In the West, Rose Quartz represents the bride’s color, with the energy of joy and happiness. In the East, it is believed that Rose Quartz will find a good marriage and allow people to find a lifetime of enjoyment.

Generally, there are more ice cracks in Rose Quartz, so transparent Rose Quartz is expensive. Rose Quartz is also made of artificially colored white crystals on the market, but the color is prone to unevenness and staining marks.

Healing Property

Rose Quartz is a healing stone belonging to the trigonal crystal system, and together with amethyst, citrine, and white crystal, they occupy the top spot in the quartz crystal family. If it contains acicular minerals and is arranged in fibrous form, and can reflect the starlight effect under light irradiation, it is called starlight Rose Quartz. The exquisite quality is called ice Rose Quartz.

Rose Quartz can heal the trauma of the past, help people who cannot stand on their own or love themselves regain their confidence in love, and expand the love in their hearts. For people who have paid too much and cannot return to themselves, Rose Quartz can also concentrate energy, making people center on themselves and not causing pressure on others.

The pink color of Rose Quartz comes from titanium elements. This kind of energy can bring the spirit of perseverance and help us face the problems and traumas in life and remain steadfast. And lead out the energy in the heart, implement love in the present instead of just fantasy.

Chakra Information

Rose Quartz can correspond to the energy of the heart chakra, which has an excellent effect on opening the heart chakra and can also heal the shadow pain of the navel chakra caused by intimate relationship damage or violence.

For those who do not believe in love or true love will appear, it can bring confidence and happiness and make people feel the power of the heart again. It can also have an excellent soothing effect on the trauma of the Manipura chakra or unpleasant sexual experiences so that we no longer focus on pain but on self-reliance and self-improvement.

Rose Quartz has always been regarded as the stone of love, and many people believe that just wearing Rose Quartz can bring love and marriage. But that’s because the Rose Quartz has the power to open the heart chakra and transform the energy of the heart chakra into a frequency of gentleness and tolerance. When you can cherish yourself and tolerate the differences of others, it is easy to see true love waving to you instead of closing your heart.

How to Use

Wearing Rose Quartz can bring flexibility and gentle frequency to their energy field, give others a good first impression, make them no longer close their hearts, and even relieve the negative attitude of not believing in love and happiness.

When doing healing work, placing Rose Quartz on the heart chakra can soften fixed energies, allow chakras to flow throughout the body, and heal long-standing spiritual wounds. If it is placed on the navel chakra or the corresponding position of a girl’s ovary, it can heal the sexual trauma in the past or the shadow of the bad influence of childhood and family.

When to Use

When falling in love

When feeling uneasy or fearful


Tolerance and acceptance of opposite sexes

When you need to reconcile issues with others

Purification Method

All purification methods are acceptable except the sun exposure method.

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