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The healing property of Lapis Lazuli

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Lapis lazuli is the earliest healing stone in human history. In the eyes of the Egyptians, this beautiful dark blue stone is the heavenly garment left by the goddess of the night when the night sky inhabits the earth during the day. It was mined in Afghanistan six thousand years ago and has become an important gemstone.

Basic Knowledge

Color: blue, teal, gold, white

Hardness: 5-5.5

Main production areas: Afghanistan, Russia, Myanmar, the United States, Chile, Mongolia, Canada

Appearance Features

Lapis lazuli comprises four kinds of ores, dark blue Lazulite, white sodalite, light blue Hauynite, and Noselite. If it contains pyrite or chromium, it will form golden dots like stars when covering the surface. If it includes more sodalite, white streaks or spots will create.

The English “Lapis” of lapis lazuli comes from the meaning of stone in Latin. Lazuli means blue or blue stone in Persian. The use of lapis lazuli can be traced back to the Middle East six thousand years ago. Badakhshan in Afghanistan was the earliest place of origin, and the quality and quantity of lapis lazuli produced are the highest in the world.

In the eyes of the Babylonians, lapis lazuli symbolizes the queen’s authority in the sky. Wearing lapis lazuli by the royal family can gain the inspiration and love of the gods. In ancient Egypt, lapis lazuli symbolized the wisdom of heaven. Priests would wear lapis lazuli to represent their wisdom and status and thus obtain guidance from god. The royal family likes to grind lapis lazuli into powder and make it into the raw material of eye shadow, which symbolizes the eye of god and noble status.

In India and Tibet, lapis lazuli is the god of destruction and rebirth. In China, lapis lazuli symbolizes heaven, so the Temple of Heaven is made of lapis lazuli, representing heaven’s virtue. In the Christian culture of the Middle Ages, lapis lazuli was often used to paint the coat of the Virgin Mary in blue paint, symbolizing purity and reason. Lapis lazuli is also found in many biblical manuscripts as a blue pigment. Lapis lazuli is also the colored glaze among the seven treasures of Buddhism. It is entirely different from the modern colored glaze and is a typical religious sacred stone.

Healing Property

Lapis lazuli has the function of clear thinking and concentration. It can be worn when the head needs to be clear to keep the spirit and attention. It also helps people who are often distracted to find their direction and avoid getting lost. His energy can also make people face all problems seriously, and make people think about more practical issues, so sometimes people feel that they don’t fit with lapis lazuli energy, which means that you need more time to adapt to this stock of energy. You may find that people who like to wear lapis lazuli have a severe side and even feel too strict.

Chakra Information

Lapis lazuli is the representative stone of the brow chakra (the third eye chakra). Its energy can enhance the power of the spirit and the heart, make people aware, have clear thoughts, and be able to see through falsehoods and traps. This is why lapis lazuli is known as the gem of wisdom. Wearing it for a long time gives people the power to think calmly and rationally.

Lapis lazuli is composed of many minerals, so it also symbolizes the power of integration, which can make people clearly understand that they are complete individuals, suitable for people who cannot distinguish between friend and foe or lose personal boundaries.

How to use

Wearing lapis lazuli can enhance rational energy, strengthen thinking speed, and help find life’s direction. Bracelets or necklaces can achieve good results. Suppose you are in a highly negative or depressed state. In that case, you can place lapis lazuli on your forehead every morning before getting up and meditate on the dark blue light entering your body, which can avoid drowsiness in the morning and bring good luck for sobriety.

When to use

When returning to the individualized journey

When extreme concentration is required

when hope finds the way of life

When you can’t decide on a job, career, or even a romantic partner

Those who want to improve their learning ability and achievement

Purification method

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