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The healing property of Labradorite

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Labradorite, also known as spectral stone, is a magical ore with colorful light. Labradorite often coexists with perilla pyroxene, and both ores have the characteristic of color change.

Basic Knowledge

Color: colorless, yellow, orange, pink, blue-green, blue-gray

Hardness: 6-6.5

Main production areas: Canada, the United States, Mozambique, Madagascar, China

Appearance Features

Labradorite comes from where it was discovered – the Labrador area of Canada, so some people call it Labradorite.

Because a variety of metal element crystalline minerals are gathered in the interior, the layers overlap to form the effect of color interference, so the colorful halo can appear when the angle of the light is changed. This phenomenon is called the labradorite phenomenon, so Labradorite is called spectral stone.

The legend of Labradorite is related to the North American Indians. In North American folklore, a goddess is said to have a thousand masks and can transform into various creatures, even humans. Between North America and South America, there are often feats of butterflies migrating across the sea. These butterflies will change their habitats and migration routes with the climate.

Known as the Butterfly Goddess, this goddess would lead all the butterflies on their migration. And where she rested on the way with these butterflies, these healing stones with beautiful butterfly wings were born. Therefore, in North America, if you can have these beautiful healing stones, it means you have the blessing of the goddess, and you can even become the head of the clan.

Healing Property

Labradorite is a monoclinic crystal system. It can absorb negative energy and give positive energy support. It is also good at assisting us in healing past pain in the transformation process or the experience of trying to change and failing.

In our growth, many challenges and opportunities are always waiting for us. Sometimes we are full of expectations for a significant transformation, but we don’t get the results we want. Sometimes we try to dig out the hidden dark side of the past and transform it entirely, but we can’t hold on to the end, so we have to stuff these frightening memories back somewhere in the heart.

Chakra Information

Labradorite can correspond to the eighth chakra. It is a very special one. The better the quality of Labradorite, the more colors it can see, which means it can bring more energy.

Orange – the value of the soul, find the courage to live out your true self.

Yellow – the power of the soul so that the soul will no longer suffer any grievances.

Blue – the power of the soul, find the spiritual light from within, and no longer doubt your future.

Blue-green – the soul’s growth, the journey of self-seeking from the inside out.

How to Use

Usually, users can use Labradorite to help themselves transform, especially when they feel that their lives need to be improved or they want to face their dark side. They can find strength with the help of Labradorite and face spiritual difficulties.

When performing energy healing, Labradorite can provide power beyond our imagination. For those who are eager for support or partners, Labradorite can lead them to find their soul family, just like butterflies always group when they migrate.

In addition, for people who desire to change their lives, Labradorite can also help them transform and reshape their future.

When to Use

When eager to change

When you feel like you’re standing still and not moving forward

When some miracle is needed

When you want to face your dark side

Purification Method

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