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The healing property of Amethyst

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Amethyst is a rare purple mineral that has served as a symbol of divine power in many cultures. If you can wear Amethyst, it also symbolizes strength and status. There are many titles in ancient and now. It is called Ziyuying in China, the stone of energy in Japan, and the eye of Venus in Europe.

Basic Information

Color: Purple

Hardness: 7

Main producing areas: Brazil, Uruguay, India, South Africa, Russia, the United States, Canada, Uganda, Madagascar

Appearance Features

Amethyst is an important member of the quartz crystal family, showing a purple luster due to its iron content.

Amethyst’s name comes from a Greek mythology story. Dionysus, the god of wine, who has always been famous for carnival and drunkenness, met a beautiful girl named Amethyst on the way home one day, so he molested this girl while drunk. However, the girl had already vowed to be chaste for life, so she asked the goddess of the moon for help and turned herself into a transparent crystal, representing a pure and pure heart.

Seeing this situation, Dionysus knew that he had done something wrong, so he poured the divine wine on the crystal to remind himself not to make mistakes again, and the crystal also turned purple color of the wine. It is also said that the English name of Amethyst comes from the Greek word “Amethystors,” – which means not drunk, so if you wear Amethyst while drinking, you will not get drunk easily. The ancient Egyptians believed that Amethyst was a noble ore and that wearing it on the body could drive away evil. If the dead could carry Amethyst into the underworld, they could avoid all dangers.

Like other crystal varieties, Amethyst may change color when exposed to high heat, so it is recommended to avoid direct exposure to strong sunlight.

Healing Property

Amethyst is a healing stone of the trigonal crystal system. It naturally condenses and radiates energy, so if it is placed on the chakras, it can concentrate and strengthen the initially weak energy. For the fixed energy that has been blocked for a long time, Amethyst can also clean up the negative energy and enhance the original inner quality, especially for the brain and peripheral nerves. It can completely purify the energy and bring energy flow, so people often feel that wearing Amethyst will be more energetic.

Amethyst contains many iron elements, which can protect the magnetic energy field, which is why it has been considered to drive away evil since ancient times and is widely used in religious ceremonies. Its status is still standing today. Among Japanese practitioners, some people often stick Amethyst on the top of their heads to activate the top chakra and gain the energy of enlightenment.

Chakra Information

Amethyst is considered a healing stone corresponding to the top wheel, which can help clean up the energy of the top wheel so that the light of wisdom can be revealed, and it is no longer just full of ignorant and nameless secular thoughts.

Putting amethyst on the top wheel can strengthen the clarity of thinking and bring a high degree of awareness. It can help activate the brain’s energy and clear the negative energy blocked in the body or spirit, which is necessary for long-term brain work, or those who have long-term mental disorders are also of great help. Therefore, amethyst is also known as the stone of sobriety. As long as it touches its energy, it will make people awake and not tired.

How to Use

Generally, Amethyst can be worn on the body to increase rational thinking and observation skills, and it is not easy to make wrong decisions due to tension when facing problems. If Amethyst is placed in the workplace or living room, it can also bring calm and clear energy fluctuations, keeping us in a state of calm and self-discipline all the time.

When performing healing work, Amethyst is often used to assist the case in opening up the inner perception so that the case can communicate with his inner intuition and trust the intuition. Amethyst can also be placed in the left and right hands or on the left and right eyes to adjust the imbalance of Yin and Yang energy.

When to Use

When the pressure is too high

When felt the Yin and Yang energy imbalances

When family life is not harmonious

Need to improve concentration and thinking skills

Unlock spiritual abilities

Improve drowsiness or lack of energy

Bring creativity

Purification Method

All purification methods are acceptable except the sun exposure method.

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