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The healing property of Amazonite

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Basic Knowledge

Color: Blue, green, blue-green

Hardness: 6-6.5

Main producing areas: USA, Canada, Brazil, Madagascar, South Africa, India, Pakistan, Russia

Appearance Features

Amazonite gets its name from the Amazon River because it is often mistaken for another blue-green mineral in the Amazon basin. But many people say it is because the color of Amazonite is reminiscent of the Amazon River and rainforest, and the color of the ore is exactly the white of the river and the green of the trees.

Amazonite can form a blue part because it contains lead elements. The general microcline is usually white, colorless, yellow, and rarely pure blue.

In the Americas, Amazonite is considered an ore that can increase gambling luck and has incredible magical powers.

Healing Property

Amazonite belongs to the ore of the triclinic crystal system. It can absorb negative energy and introduce positive energy into the human energy field.

Ores in the triclinic system usually have the effect of softening energy. Amazonite can ease the negative memories we have rigidly fixed in growing up, especially those situations where we pursued independence but failed.

In the process of our growth, there will always be a lot of memories or emotions about growing up, and some memories will continue to haunt us, just like you will always remember that you were humiliated because of doing a certain thing or for some reason, others misunderstand you.

Usually, we don’t remember the details, but we do remember the final result. Those negative emotions and feelings may be hidden in our minds and continue hurting us. Amazonite can assist us in bringing out these negative emotions, absorbing them into itself, and bringing its positive energy into our energy field.

Amazonite contains lead elements, and lead elements correspond to Saturn in astrology, representing all the heavy but unable to cross the topic in our lives. Therefore, Amazonite benefits a person’s growth and can assist all people trapped in the rebellious period. Even those who have become parents can help.

Chakra Information

Amazonite corresponds to the throat chakra. It can absorb all the negative energy attached to the throat chakra. After absorbing negative energy, Amazonite can also bring positive energy into the Throat Chakra. These negative energies may make us speak without the brain or unable to express ourselves smoothly.

The blue-green Amazonite is also known as the Stone of the Brave. It can help all children who do not want to grow up bravely embark on a personal journey, take a unique adventure, and strengthen their hearts.

How to Use

Usually, users can wear Amazonite to help them through all stages of transformation, such as moving, transferring, immigrating, studying abroad, and having major surgery. Amazonite can make us feel independent and strong during these transformations, transforming the past because of the desire to learn to be independent, hurt yourself, and grow on your own.

When performing energy healing, Amazonite can help teenagers and children to learn and grow smoothly. Of course, such a process still requires the company of relatives.

If someone has decided on a goal but is still afraid to take a step forward or decides not to be strong and brave due to trauma, Amazonite can also assist them in embarking on their life path bravely.

When to Use

When going through significant life transitions

Unable to decide on the future direction

Unable to take the first step in the face of a new life

Inability to have good intimacy

Need to increase the energy of throat chakra

Make people express

Purification Method

Now it’s your turn

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