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How to use meditation and statement in healing

The use of meditation in healing can create an environment of peace and focused energy to facilitate the healing process. It allows mind to remain alert and focus on the people's healing needs.

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If you are new to meditation, start by creating a private space where you can allow your mind and soul to relax, meditate or release negative energy whenever you need it.

How to meditate?

Close your eyes and take slow, deep breaths about 10 times.

Imagine you are in a beautiful place. You can choose to go to a quiet beach, mountains, forests, farms or beautiful gardens. When you go into deep meditation, focus your attention on one place and look around to discover the colorful plants, smells and sounds that surround you. In the garden, I can often hear birds chirping. I have a lot of huge crystals dotted around the garden surrounded by tall pink and blue roses.

Walk back around your private place and enjoy the silence of the moment, allowing your mind to wander back and forth. Nothing is important to you at this moment, what is important is being able to stay in this territory long enough to tell yourself this is your own private space to own it.

When you’re ready to leave, take a deep breath, then gently stand up and leave. Tell yourself you can come back whenever you want.

Do as many repetitions as you can, and you’ll find it easy to get into a meditative state.


How to state?

Statements are also an effective way to facilitate the healing process. Statements are simply repeating what helps the brain create the desired outcome, and in the healing process, select the desired statement and repeat it over and over again in the process. Try using sentences that start with “I am” to declare emotions, thoughts, and your own power.

Here are a few examples,

I am happy now.

I am safe and healthy. I am in peace and love.

I am loved. I love my family.

I am free of pain, I’m thankful.

Study the statements that bring you positive energy and turn it into a booklet that you can flip through whenever you need it.

Now it’s your turn

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