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How to clean your crystals?

There are many methods to purify your crystals. The most common method are: visualizing, submerge, vibrations of sound, Incense, moonlight, sunlight, cold water, crystal cluster, crystal grid, and flower petals.

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Crystals can collect and store energy. If you use crystals for healing, you need to purify them every time after you use crystals for healing to prevent negative energy from being stored in the crystals. If you are used for viewing only, then you should also clean the crystals after they are dirty. Remember not to expose the crystal to the sunlight for a long time.

How to clean the crystals? I will introduce 10 common methods in this artticle.


Imagine that your crystal has been cleared of negative energy and stored positive energy. You can also imagine that a beam of light shoots into the crystal and drives away the negative energy.


Bury the crystals in the dry rice or sand overnight. Be sure to mark the buried place so that you can’t find the buried place behind. You can also store the sand in the jar so that you won’t get lost.

crystal in sand

Vibrations of sound

Sound vibration, place the crystal on the bell or other place where the sound can be heard, and let the vibration of the sound purify the crystal.


Place the crystal in the incense environment. The most common ones are frankincense, sage, lavender or sandalwood. Use a fan or hand to spread the smoke on the crystal.

sage crystals


Moonlight purification is the most gentle way. Put the crystals under the moonlight for one night, preferably during the full moon, so that the next day you will find the crystals look more transparent and refreshing.


Sunlight is a rough way to purify the crystal. Leave the crystal in the sun for a period of time, not more than 30 minutes. I personally have never used this method because I found that some softer crystals will fade or become brittle when exposed to the sun.

crystals under sunlight

Cold water

Coldwater is a quicker way to purify the crystal. Hold the crystal in your hand and rinse it repeatedly under the tap. You can also drop a few drops of holy water on the crystal to have the same effect.

Crystal cluster

Put the crystal in the amethyst cluster or white crystal cluster for a few hours to purify the crystal.

Crystal grid

Use the crystal grid to purify the crystal. Place the crystal between some single or double-terminated white crystals for more than 24 hours.

Flower petal

Flower petal purification is also a gentle way to purify the crystal. Place the crystal on the petal bed for more than 24 hours. You can use any flower, but rose petals are great because they can purify your crystals in a soft, velvety feel.

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