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How to choose the right healing stones for you

Trusting your gut and your inner voice is the most important thing. If you come across a healing stone and feel deeply attracted or strongly moved, it is a call from the power of the healing stone, and you can trust that intuition.

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Feel the energy of the healing stone and trust your intuition.

When choosing a healing stone that suits me, I will place the healing stone on the palm of my left hand, because in chakra theory, the left hand is connected to the energy of the moon, the energy of the moon symbolizes healing and spirituality, and the left hand is directly connected to the heart, the heartbeat will change when the energy vibrates strongly.

If a healing stone on my left palm makes me feel comfortable, or my heart beats faster, or if my heart goes from manic to restless, I choose it as long as I think it’s a good feeling. Later, I also discovered that placing the healing stone on the back of the hand can induce relaxation or tension in the muscles and nerves. In my personal experience, this is also the way to observe the energy of the healing stone.

Take responsibility for yourself, and the healing stones can help you.

For many years of experience using healing stones, I have found that when I am more self-aware and willing to take responsibility for my own life, if I use the healing stones that correspond to my needs at the time to assist myself, I can directly and strongly feel their power. If I want to rely on the strength of these healing stones and put responsibility on them, I will not feel the power of the healing stones because of my low awareness and blinded by the dark side of my heart. If you have no will to cheer yourself up and are unwilling to take responsibility for your own life, then using more expensive healing stones will be less effective.

O Ring Test

Nowadays, it is also popular to find the healing stone that suits you by measuring the strength of your muscles. The most commonly used muscle strength measurement method is called the 0 Ring Test, which measures energy using the O-ring formed by the thumb and index finger. This muscle force measurement method is based on the relationship between energy transmission and muscle and uses muscle response to measure the strength or negative of energy.

This assay was proposed by Dr. Keaki Omura, a Japanese medical doctor, and has been patented in the United States and 22 other countries. He believes that the human body has incredible healing power and can choose suitable or unsuitable food or medicine, even healing stones, and so on. In Dr. Omura’s theory, if a person has negative emotions or is exposed to negative energy, the body’s power will be weakened, and vice versa. It will increase.

Many doctors and healers have accepted this method. It is also beneficial to choose a healing stone that suits you. Next time you choose a healing stone, you can also find a partner.

Steps of O Ring Test

  1. Two people are required for the test. First, the subject removes the watch or electronic product from the body, the left palm is facing upward, and the right thumb and index finger (or middle finger) are pinched together to form an OK shape, which is the O-ring. You can also use your dominant hand to make an OK shape.
  2. The tester hooks the O-ring of the subject with two fingers, tries to pull the O-ring outward and uses the subject’s force to be pulled away as a reference value.
  3. The subject’s left hand holds the item to be measured. The tester hooks the subject’s O wheel (right hand) with both hands and tries to pull the O wheel outward with arm strength.
  4. The subject must resist the external pulling force during the process. If the O-ring is easily pulled apart, the item on the left hand may not be suitable for the subject. If the O-ring is not easily pulled away, it may mean that the item is ideal for subjects.
Now it’s your turn

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