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How and where to wear healing crystal jewelry

Wearing different jewelry on different parts can stimulate the meridians and different chakras to improve energy stagnation or weakness. We can choose jewelry made of different healing stones according to our needs.

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It can eliminate mental fatigue and negative emotions, increase vitality and activate the energy of the throat chakra, third eye chakra, and crown chakra.


It can strengthen sensory sensitivity, intuition, and judgment and easily maintain inner balance without losing direction. It helps to improve the energy of the throat chakra and the third eye chakra, making people feel awake.


It helps to purify and strengthen the energy of the whole body, release the negative energy in the heart, and bring about the energy fluctuations of love and tenderness. It helps to activate the power of self-confidence and self-affirmation and contributes to the energy activation of the heart chakra and solar plexus chakra.


Activate the energy of the whole body through the power of blood circulation, whether it is left or right hand. If you wear it on the left hand, you can connect with your spiritual level; if you wear it on the right hand, you can connect with your reality or rational level. It helps activate chakras and magnetic energy fields throughout the body and even expel negative energies. In yoga theory, the wrist corresponds to the root chakra’s energy, which can provide the essential energy of all chakras.


Possessing qualities that strengthen specific spiritual energies, believed to expel evil or increase personal rates, rings are used in many healing theories as personal energy guardian tools, which can store divine energy in them. Below is a reference for different finger and chakra energy combinations we can use to buy rings.


Corresponding to the sacral chakra, it is related to the affirmation of personal value. Wearing a ring here can increase self-confidence and trust in intimacy and bring power and a good personal image.

The right hand can increase self-confidence to overcome difficulties in real life and bring a good image.

Left-handed self-affirmation, practicing personal values, and having incredible intimacy.


Corresponding to the throat chakra, it is related to personal expression and language ability. Wearing a ring here can strengthen the ability to express, and understand the thoughts of others, have good interaction with society, and make correct judgments.

The right hand brings a sense of justice and fearless self-expression, improving thinking skills.

Left Hand Improves intuition and sensory sensitivity and improves empathy.

Middle finger

Corresponding to the solar plexus chakra, it is related to the realization of personal ideals. Wearing a ring here can protect one’s energy, strengthen logical understanding, demonstrate personal authority, and practice plans without being influenced by others.

Right hand: Focus on practicing your ideals, not giving up halfway, and not being dominated by others.

Left hand: Strengthens the sense of authority of the individual so that his energy is protected from being affected.

Ring finger

Corresponding to the third eye chakra, it is related to the energy of intuition and introspection. Wearing a ring here can make you more aware of what you need, no longer be confused by external temptations, and reflect on your faults.

Right hand Enhances intuition and spiritual experience, allowing you to be in a state of peace and introspection at all times.

The left hand brings trust in love and allocates resources more correctly.

Little finger

It corresponds to the heart chakra and is related to the energy of love. Wearing a ring here can give people the courage to accept love, heal past trauma, and help the energy to achieve what they want.

Right hand: Actively give the energy of love, practice the blueprint in the heart, and attract positive energy.

Left Hand: Receive love from others and love every part of yourself


The Laogong acupoint in the palm of the hand corresponds to the position of the crown chakra. It is generally believed that it is directly connected with the crown chakra’s energy. Therefore, the healing stone can also be placed on the palm to allow the body to receive energy.

The right hand brings the energy of active healing, makes one’s wishes come true, and reflects the energy in life so that people can control their own life.

The left hand brings spiritual healing energy, heals all inner wounds, and keeps the biomagnetic energy field intact from outside influences.


It is corresponding to the root chakra.

Right hand: Practise your dreams in your life and gain the power to implement them.

The left hand obtains the power of rest and recovery and guards the integrity of the energy body.

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