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Different healing crystal shapes and their using

Crystals used in healing may take many shapes: rough, polished, clusters, geodes, slices and doughnuts, eggs, spheres (balls) pyramids, single terminated or double terminated. In this section, we will learn to identify the various shapes.

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Rough stones

Rough stones are those that have not been polished or altered. On the surface, they show rough stones.

Polished Stones

Polished are those smooth stones that have been artificially polished.


A cluster is a whole crystal formed by a group of crystals that grow together. Below is an example of an amethyst cluster. It is often used to clean other crystals.


Geodes are a group of stones that form together in a hollow.



A slice is a stone being cut to show its beauty. This is common with agates. 



Doughnuts are rounded crystals that have a hollow inside. The one depicted is an agate crystal.

Doughnuts agate


Pyramids are cut into pyramid shapes to enlarge or eliminate pain.


Spheres are round, polished stones. A common example of a sphere is a crystal ball which may be used for scrying (fortune-telling).


Double-terminated stones have a sharp point on both sides of the crystal, while single-terminated only have one point. Double terminated crystals are used to allow energy to flow in both directions, while single-terminated are used to focus energy in the direction in which it is pointing.

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