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9 popular crystal shapes and their meaning

We can enhance the energy of healing crystals and stones by cutting them into different shapes and achieving different effects. This shape energy can improve the meaning of the crystals and can even be used in psychology.

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Round or Spherical

Represents infinitely magnified energy, capable of bringing energy together. Wearing it on the body can make the magnetic energy field more complete. If it is placed in an indoor space, it can stabilize the environment’s energy and obtain healing energy.

Egg shape

It symbolizes the birth of new life and vitality and can help to supplement the part of life that feels lacking. Wearing it on the body can assist life in entering the next stage smoothly and leaving the old energy. Placing it indoors can help the family or group relationship become harmonious and enter a better stage.


Symbolizes concentrated and stable power, can bring a sense of authority and security, and raise energy to a higher level. Wearing it on the body can help set the mind and stabilize the mind, and placing it indoors can help the group concentrate or improve work efficiency.

Tai Chi shape

With many symbols, such as a fetus, a tooth, or the moon, it represents pure energy believed to ward off evil spirits in China and Japan. It is suitable for wearing on the body to protect power and keep yourself energetic and focused.

Tai chi shape

Heart shape

Symbolizing love and vitality, it can bring peace and security and is the first choice for many people to choose healing stones. Wearing it on the body can get the feeling of being loved, increase personal charm, and understand the importance of love. Placing it in the space can also increase the frequency of love and enhance the group’s feelings.


Usually pentagonal, it symbolizes complete spiritual energy and allows energy to be focused. Wearing it on the body is considered to have the power to exorcise evil spirits and can also complete the magnetic energy. Placing it indoors can purify the space energy and keep it in a high-frequency state.


It is usually a hexagon, a combination of a regular and inverted triangle, which symbolizes negative and positive energies. Wearing it on the body can assist in realizing personal wishes and has the effect of wishing things come true. Placing it indoors can fill the space with healing vibrations and contribute to the harmony of group relationships.

hexagram crystal

Hexagonal column type

It is one of the natural crystal shapes of trigonal and hexagonal ores, symbolizing stable natural energy and a stable structure. It is usually the first choice for mindset, stimulating human potential, allowing energy to be emitted stably, and helping one’s wishes come true.


The combination of the regular and the inverted triangular prism is the sublimated version of the energy of the hexagram. Wearing it on the body can make people grow spiritually and heal all problems. Placing it indoors can also bring healing power and help the body heal.

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